Monday, March 01, 2004

Lake Tahoe Snow and Gambling

I went to Lake Tahoe with the SO, a friend and her boyfriend. I took Friday off and it was just the right time to take a three day weekend off. I had some debate in my head about taking a day off from work, but I asked myself what was the reason that I worked. The answer was that so I could take care of family, and the SO is a big part of that family.

Let's pick some of the highlights. My fear of many things often stops me from doing. Instead, I stand back and let other people have fun. This time around, it was walking into things that was making me have some fear. It had snowed in Tahoe last Tuesday and Wednesday, and the whole landscape including the backyard was covered in virgin snow. The snow was pristine, but the snow prevented me from seeing what was underneath. I had seen people walking into snow and sinking into their waist.

On Saturday morning, a father and his two kids made a trail to the snow. Later on in the afternoon, the SO wanted to make snow angels. Snow angels are made by falling backwards on the snow, extending one's arms and swinging the arms and legs sideways to clear the snow. I had to get a photo of the SO's snow angel so off to the snow I trudged. Sinking into the snow is not the most comforting feeling one could have. It was cold and you feel like falling.

After the snow angel, the SO went off to a farther part of the backyard towards the shore of Lake Tahoe. This involved walking over some areas that seemed to be over some trees or shrubs. Since I did not see what was underneath, I was afraid to walk over. I ended up going back to the porch area of the motel room. But, seeing that no one was going to photograph the SO, I gathered up my courage and walked over to the shrub. In trudging over the tree, my left foot sank up to the knees while my right foot had sunk just to the ankle part. Good thing that I have been trying to stretch. After twisting and bending, I finally got out.

Ahh, gambling! I did not gamble because the rules were not so clear. Blackjack was too fast and the minimum was $10 to $200. Too rich. I saw pai-gow poker which is more conservative. I liked that one. I also saw Texas Hold Em at Harvey's Casino. I have to get back there because that is more interesting. The one incident of gambling was with a dollar slot machine. I did not do too well on that one.

The buffets were alright. Las Vegas knows how to do it better. The portions were huge, but the food somewhat lacked taste. Next time, we'll go to more interesting restaurants. But then again, this is Tahoe. You go there for skiing, don't you?

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