Monday, March 22, 2004

Pin@y food

Diabetes and heart disease are the final companions of most Pin@ys in old age. Blame it on our diet of rice and meat. I'm not complaining; I'm just pointing out that we do it to ourselves. Let's examine the two parties over the weekend.

In the first party, there was a beautiful selection of meat led by Hawaiian pig (paksiw na lechon) and ribs from Mo's located somewhere in Concord. The Hawaiian pig was shredded and swimming in sauce. The delicate pieces of meat soaked up the sauce and gave it a heavenly texture. In contrast, there was the ribs. Usually, I don't like ribs because people can overcook it. But the meat fell off the bone at the slightest pressure. The ribs were so good that even the SO had to go back for seconds. There were also lumpia and pansit and a fruit salad swimming in creme. Um, yum. Thank goodness T only turns 40 once. Good lord, I don't think I can eat anymore.

But in the second party the next day, spread out on the table was the lechon. I took a picture of it. What an absolutely delightful pig. I know that I can never become a Muslim because I love to eat pork. Then, the second level of food heart attacks was led by kare-kare, adobo, pansit palabok, and fried fish.

The most outstanding dish had to be the pansit palabok. I was trying to analyze why it tasted so good. Then I realized that it had so much oil that the noodles were pretty transparent. I could push around the noodles and you can see the pattern of the plates underneath. The noodles were cooked just right with the proper texture that it was not soggy. Maybe the oil served to marinade the noodles had something to do with that.

The kare-kare was also amazing in that it swam freestyle in oil. It must have been good oil because the kare-kare did not gel into a mass of solid at room temperature. Oh, Crisco, what you have done to Pin@y cuisine. And how can you eat kare-kare without the bagoong? Wow, someone take note of my blood pressure. Alta presyon is coming up ! What was interesting is that the oxtail was cut into little pieces. I can just imagine the butcher trying to cut little pieces of oxtail. "one, two, oops, I think that was my finger."

And for dessert, cake! I am coming from such a high from all the food that I am just as easy to please today as I have ever been. Kudos to all the Pin@y cooks out there. I hope you enjoy the coming rest of the weekdays.

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