Sunday, March 14, 2004

Maganda Magazine

Hmm, I found this at the following site.

4. Massive Problem 4: Lack of Accountability
Ever heard of Maganda magazine? Yeah, me neither, until I browsed through the ASUC Budget. Turns out they're a Pilipino literary arts magazine, 12th year, that received $4500 in the budget over the past two semesters. I've never seen it; do they take the money and run? Or, more probably, do they only distribute where I don't go by? I don't know, and neither does the ASUC; no one asks. Before the Senate, I was ready to answer questions on my program, a $17,000 a year website. The questions I didn't get: how many hits do you receive? Do students find it useful? They weren't interested if 100 or 50,000 students used the site. Similar hard questions about the ASUC Monthly have never been asked. Examinations of student group funding is limited. An interview with the head of the Finance Committee and a few others, then possible complaints on the Senate floor. With a million dollars to spend, no one has the resources to examine a thousand here and a thousand there.

It is written by this person.

It is not obvious when the above was written. For the sake of the current Berkeley students, I hope they gave this guy hellfire. Otherwise, I would feel ashamed that someone does not know Maganda. But my mind wonders, with all the 800 Verbal SAT and 680 Math SAT score, did this guy ever do a GOOGLE SEARCH? One would think that if one wanted to know Maganda, one would google. But as they say, not everyone who gets into Cal is really that good. They might be smart, but they are not practical.

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