Monday, March 22, 2004

Parties of all sorts

It was a glorious weekend for parties. Saturday was reserved for a trip to Concord to visit friends and for a 40th birthday celebration. Sunday was a party to celebrate one of the SO's cousins' passing of the nursing examination. I porked up on Pin@y food. Now to the details.

Saturday morning was spent revamping and updating the karinderia site. I have been thinking of creating a new blog since this one turns one year old next April. At any rate, some of reorganization of the Pin@y blogs were made. The new was created since I did not update the putahe and the blog was cancelled. Picky, picky.

Saturday afternoon was spent going to the newly opened Fry's electronic store in Concord. It is tucked in the back of the mall and is hard to see. However, just about everyone is going to the store for the air conditioning and the selection in electronics. Just follow the massive lines of humanity waiting to cool off inside the store.

Fry's is a mecca for electronic buyers. DVD, stereo, computer, you name it, it's there. I ended up buying some CD organizers while the SO shopped for a very nice stand-alone lamp with three rotating bulb holders. The lamp creates a beautiful effect in the second bedroom. The SO's taste in furniture is excellent. The prices were rock bottom. I was surprised to see 160 Gigabyte drives for $200. That is amazing and nearly obscene. After Fry's, we hopped off to Ghirardelli's ice cream to get some sundae. I suggest you order the berry delight. It was very fruity with a nice balance to the cream cheese ice cream.

I got lucky at the Apple store. There was a clerance sale and some nice digital cameras were on sale. At first, I looked at the Nikon 5100, but it was too expensive. Add another $500 and you would get the D100 and I can use my other lenses to boot. There were some Nikon 2100 being sold for a measly $129. I almost grabbed one, but then I saw a Nikon 3100 digital for $200. Considering I have seen this one sell for about $350, I grabbed it. I then checked with the SO if it was a great price. She approved, and voila, I joined the digital revolution in image making.

After that, it was off to celebrate a 40th birthday party for one of our friends. T is a new single mother reaching a plateau of sorts. She's a great person with an expansive view of the world. She has two children and is facing the world alone. When I spoke to her, she was happy and slightly content with the world. I guess that's the great thing about dragons. They don't really worry.

T the dragon had married a monkey. When the kids were getting older, the monkey left. I can only assume from my calculations that the monkey was married too early to the dragon. The dragon was probably in her late 20's while the monkey would have been married at about 23 years old. Sorry folks, I am a monkey but even I know that at 23, I was not ready to take on the world with wife and kids.

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