Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wrinkles, Wrinkles!!!

The day I have been fearing has finally come. Today while looking at the mirror, I can see the slightest hint of wrinkles on my forehead. They are not that noticeable. The furrows are just slightly darkened, the sign of oncoming middle-age in looks if not in behaviour.

Two or three years ago, some of my hair turned red. I did not suddenly become Irish. BTW, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am wearing green so no one can pinch me. The hair loses its ability to produce melanin which results in lighter pigmentation which translates to the hair looking red.

But then again, some have said that it is not the way you look which is important, it is the way you act. The SO and I have silly games which would make a teen-ager wince with pain because of the sugary slobbiness we exhibit. Don't get me wrong, we don't just entwine ourselves like woven money plants at the corner bus stop. We just hold hands and kiss but for a moment. Certainly, I feel younger and great whenever we play our games. I would hate to be married and not have the opportunity to hold the hand or to kiss. But then again, I say that now. What will I say in 30 years? Hopefully, I can say the same things.

In Bablyon 5 the television series, one of the characters who lived for millions of years said that it is only human conceit that allows us to think that love, marriage and emotion will last forever. I suppose that if one lived for millions of years, after a few million years, you would get bored of your wife or children or family. Hey, I meet some people and they bore me after twenty minutes. This makes me an ideal real estate person says the SO.

Tonight, I go to Costco to celebrate capitalism. In the midst of my wrinkles, I will celebrate the fact that now that I am old and working and have capital again, I will be able to buy things like underwear, pasta sauce, and bread. Now that I am older with wrinkles, I can buy those things which I thought would make my life complete. Such things like the latest gadget like iPods and Seiko watches. Hmm, Seiko watches!

I am going through this stage where I want a Seiko watch. When I was younger, my mom got me one of those. Now that I am older, I am thinking of getting another one. I suppose it is a symbol for me of my maturation and my wrinkles. Perhaps I will get me a ring too. I never did get my college ring. I thought that I was going to go to law school and I wanted that ring more than anything else. But the way life is right now, I will be content I believe if I get a ring for college.

Maybe I could say that the ring or the Seiko watch is my prize for the first wrikles on my forehead. Where there was once hair, now there are wrinkles. My, but how time flies.

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