Monday, March 22, 2004

Dragon and Monkey

Continued from the previous post: After that, it was off to celebrate a 40th birthday party for one of our friends. T is a new single mother reaching a plateau of sorts. She's a great person with an expansive view of the world. She has two children and is facing the world alone. When I spoke to her, she was happy and slightly content with the world. I guess that's the great thing about dragons. They don't really worry.

T the dragon had married a monkey. When the kids were getting older, the monkey left. I can only assume from my calculations that the monkey was married too early to the dragon. The dragon was probably in her late 20's while the monkey would have been married at about 23 years old. Sorry folks, I am a monkey but even I know that at 23, I was not ready to take on the world with wife and kids.

I would hypothesize that monkeys are okay to marry when they are in their mid 30's. By then, the slings and arrows of life would have softened the overly optimistic viewpoint of the monkey. It takes time to gain wisdom from the world when everything comes so easy as it does to a monkey. At 20, responsibility is a difficult concept to comprehend. It is only lately that this monkey has looked at children slobbering snot and god knows what else from their orifices and thought that perhaps raising a little one might not be so bad after all.

But to have teen-agers at the age of 35??? Boy, this monkey shudders at the thought. Perhaps that is what made the other monkey run off.

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