Monday, March 01, 2004

Winter Wonderland

Growing up in the heat and scorching sun of the Philippines, I read about snow and the winter wonderland. It sounded so beautiful. To play in snow, to watch as the horses ride with nostrils flaring plumes of water vapor, and to see the softness of the land after the falling of the snow.

What the books do not tell you is the cold that creeps around your neck and embraces your ear like a slap in the face. Jeans become wet because of the melting snow. Breathing becomes an exercise in futility as my small nostrils try unsuccessfully to warm the air. The cold air feels like a hand creeping into one's chest.

But, snow was beautiful when viewed from the car. At night, icicles glinted off the roofs of houses and restaurants. Some icicles were so big they almost touched the earth. Icicles form when snow melts in the middle of the day and the water freezes in the cold of the night. Icicles are a tribute to the ebb and flow of life on earth. A glowing tribute to the shackles of man's mind.

The backyard off the hotel room was covered with beautfiul soft snow. Here and there, the landscape was dotted with mounds that looked like nipples. The snow hides all the flaws of the earth. I will try to include some links to photos. It should be fun.

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