Friday, March 26, 2004

Restaurant Menu

Imo asked if there was any significance to her blog being in the Sisig portion of the menu on the right. In truth, there is some slight significance. For example I personally know the first group of bloggers under dinuguan at putong puti. Actually, the poet Eileen Tabios who has an audience of 10 million peeps, a coterie of a thousand blogs and a vanguard of fallen angels swilling brandy, smoking cigars and swearing at god is my personal inspiration to begin a blog. She seemed to have so much fun letting voyeurs into her poetic life that I figure that I should let others into my life. The SO of course is the one who gives me laughter. And the others are personal friends met through the jeepney ride of my life.

As for Sisig, the group is made up of younger writers who are in college or in their twenties. While googling, I found a blog by a college student. I ended up mining the links to find other blogs that were interesting. Some groups like Pansit Bihon are PIn@y migrants or immigrants telling about their stories in their new world. And of course the over 21 section is for more blunt and revealing blogs.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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