Monday, November 24, 2003

Dreaming of Adobo

Well, after confusing myself, let's deconfuse by the power of cooking. The wilyfilipino has thrown the proverbial palayok of invitation into the wide world of the internet for an adobo blog entry . However, the SO asked if it would be possible to actually hold a physical gathering of the adobo hunter-gatherers preferably in a large room while they were bringing their adobo concoctions.

And if the party would hold up to the messed Pin@y standards of having a grand prize, first prize etc, I would have to enter the whole cooking frenzy. But, since we and specifically I am decolonizing, I have begun to think that being the best is not always the point. (Hell, look at Apo Marcos and where being the best brought him. Dictatorship. Sometimes, I think that there is a colonialist conspiracy which teaches Pin@ys all the messed up ways so that the Pin@y community will never gain the political and economic power which we can exert. Teach the Filipinos that being the best is important so that they will rip their country and their local communities to shreds.

So, we probably should not have a grand prize etc etc because it only introduces a sense of competition which is not exactly what we desire. Let's face it, we are no longer in grade school and don't need to build each other's ego. If you wanted to go do that, you should go to soc.culture.filipino. They have tons of people waiting to do just that. I am sure that your adobo is out of this world. Did you bring enough for twenty people though?

Thus, we have what you would call a taste test extravaganza. Does anyone think that there is hope for an adobo gathering? I have already heard that Barbara is ready to bring laing. The SO was thinking of hosting the event, so if you all ask nicely, she just might. We can ask the fallen angel what kind of wine goes with twenty pots of adobo. Who knows? The fallen angel might cook her own version of adobo. Wouldn't that be a sight? Mmm, corpse-adobo.

The one thing though is that people who are going to enter the adobo taste test extravaganza really should research where their recipe comes from. Is it something you learned from your mother or your yaya? Where in the Philippines were they from? Why do you put corn in your adobo? Heck, why do you put green peppers in your adobo? So, the fried eggs that are so tasty are also in adobo? Hmmm. Yes, we want titillation and ecstacy, but we also want to know if you are pulling our legs and winging it.

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