Saturday, November 29, 2003

Regulation of Thought

My absolute love for America lies in the promises of its Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Translated to my experience, this means that a colonized immigrant can come to America and wake up with respect to the history of the world and the actions and effects of American government. This means taking everything that is wonderful with everything that is blasphemous in American culture and politics.

However, I tend to believe that a majority of the people in the United States still need to wake up to the going ons at Washington DC promulgated by neoconservatives who would put forward their fears over the ability of America to address issues of world concern. And damn it, they have hijacked my beloved Republican party and made it into another monster.

While surfing, I found the this warning about HR 3077. A search of the internet resulted in the final write-up. The good news is that funding has been renewed. Bad news is that with all things that fucking Republicans create, they create another layer of bureaucracy which supposedly fucking Republicans HATE!!! What the hell is that???

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