Saturday, November 01, 2003

Post-colonial, Other & Object

In reading the angas blog, I came across references to "post-colonial," "Other," and "Object." Since really, I am not an expert on this, I searched the web for some references. I found this essay/primer which might bring to light to those like me, uneducated in the liberal arts.

From what I have read in the primer, KantoGirl says that I am the "Other" and not the "Object" when writing about the Philippines. In contrast, I consider myself the Object and the United States the Other when I am writing about America and the World through my eyes. Isn't it great how I can be both Other and Object at the same time? Who needs drugs when you can just discuss post-colonial theory and blow your mind away?

For those who don't know, my purpose in this blog is to document my experiences in America. I believe that I see the world very differently from Caucasians, African-Americans, Latinos, and other Asian-Americans. I believe that this perspective of seeing must be represented in the knowledge base in order for other people to understand that their actions in government (USA) has varying effects on the population because the population is hetergenous. I write not only about the US but also about the Philippines because American government policy has a direct impact on the world. I choose the Philippines because it is the country of my birth and I can easily research facts and data about the topic. It also does not hurt that I can use my personal experience.

I still have to deal with the statement that I will never know much about the Philippines because 1) I don't sit in traffic for two hours in EDSA and 2) I have an American visa, therefore I am priviledged.

Funny, I don't see myself as priviledged. But then again, there was always this tension about Pin@ys who are in the Philippines and those who have left and try to point out the problems in the Philippines. Philppine Pin@ys always say that those who left are now not part of the Philippines. I must delineate more clearly my thoughts on this.

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