Monday, November 17, 2003

Pinoy Sexuality; Pinoy Religion

After dinner, we had dinner with two friends last night at Sinugba. While waiting to go to what can only be described as a haven of Pin@y food in Daly City, I got into a discussion with them about possible antholigies on writings by Pilipino men. We were thinking that we should come out with something.

Of course, the first thing we thought was the topic. What should it be all about? Well, we could discuss colonialism and how it continuously affects us. How about sexuality? God knows that I eventually have to throw out into the world how I daydreamed about the paradox of the Virgin Mary. It is the underlying foundation to my obsession of capturing the image in the faces of Pin@ys. Well, speaking of the Virgin Mary, why not religion? What have been the effects of religion on the Pilipino male pscyhe?

One of these days, I would like to see that anthology because it will explain all the paradoxes about Pinoys. As Pilipinos, we do some unkind, confusing and very messed up things to our family and our community. It's probably a residual of having been hunted in the plains of Africa 10,000 years ago. But, it would be interesting to find and shine a light on so that we don't continue our saga of being out of focus.

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