Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Last Samurai

While waiting to watch "Matrix Revolutions," I saw the previews of the "Last Samurai" starring Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, I saw the movie in San Francisco which meant that many of the viewers did not appreciate the premise of the Last Samurai. The audience booed and hissed at Tom Cruise specially when it showed that Tom Cruise would be able to hit the sack with a Japanese woman.

Now, I am a fan of Tom Cruise. I saw his magnificent movie "Top Gun" as a freshman in college and the movie appealed to that warrior side of me. The warrior side values glorified death above everything else. A heroic death. Maybe that little part is programmed into every little boy through the actions of testosterone. I just know that ever since I could form thoughts, I had wanted to die a heroic death. I imagined dying on the football field as I crossed the goal line. I imagined dying on the battlefield holding down the line. I imagined dying from shopping at Safeway.

As I grew to understand mass communications and psychology and marketing, I realized that this warrior side is often the target of many ad campaigns. And so it is with the Last Samurai. Who wouldn't want to be the last hero left standing up? Everyone dies except me. Hey, I can go along with that.

However, some people have expressed their reservatiosns. The SO exasperatedly asks, "Why does Tom Cruise have to be the last samurai? Why is a white man the last samurai? Why does Tom Cruise end up shacking with the wife of the samurai that was killed? In real life, that woman would sneak up to Tom Cruise and slit his throat." Others have asked others to boycoot the film.

I will probably not watch Tom Cruise and the Last Samurai in the movies, but I might rent it. For one, there is a good looking Japanese actress in the film. Who knows? It might be another Lucy Liu who had to perform topless in one of her beginning movies. It's an opportunity.

An interesting tidbit was a casting call:


Casting beautiful Asian women for Warner Bros.' The Last Samurai PremiereAfter-party to be held in Westwood on Dec 1st.. Women will be dressed as village women from the film's wardrobe department and mingle 'in character'through the party, helping to create the ambience of ancient Japan, circa 1870's. There is no pay, but a chance to be part of this year's biggest Hollywood premiere with a guest list including Tom Cruise and the rest of The Last Samurai's fantastic cast!!

If interested please forward a picture and information ASAP to:

Cheryl Rave
Entertainment Producer
Obtained from slanderous' journal.

Ah yes, who says that capitalism is dead? If it will sell or make money, they will be done.

Here's a question. If I like women from Asia, does that mean that the exoticization of Asia has enveloped me in a cocoon of conspiracy? Crap, I have all this baggage of decolonization to take care of. Now, I also must deal with exoticization issues? Will it never stop?

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