Friday, November 21, 2003

The King of Pop

Once more, Michael Jackson has grabbed the headlines again. And once again, the allegations are for child molestation. The first time I saw Michael Jackson with Emmanuel Lewis and Brooke Shields attending the Grammy's or some other award show, I immediately had my suspicions about Jackson being a pedophile. But, suspicions are just opinions.

Ten years ago, there was the first allegation of pedophilia against Mr. Jackson. That was settled when the two kids entered into an agreement to not disclose what happened. Michael was never prosecuted for that incident most likely because of a lack of witnesses and proof. Geminiwalker has written a very good discussion on the Mystery of Michael Jackson if you are interested in knowing more.

Sidenote: I heard rumors that the butler and maid were Pin@ys. When the police was getting ready to interview everyone, the butler and maid supposedly went back to the Philippines. If anyone out there knows if this is true, create your own blog and link back to mine.

But let us discuss money. Here we have once more a trial of sorts for the power of money. We had a trial with the power of money with the OJ Simpson case. Verdict: Money makes OJ not guilty; Power of Money 1, Law Enforcement 0.

This is great for those who are capitalists because it supports the theory that in America, race will not matter if you have enough money. I would like to think that this is true because it is the last place where I think minorities can go for equal protection.

Michael had his first pedophilia case and it was resolved with multi-million dollars. What I remember from the case was something like $10 million to $17 million. At any rate, if you had invested that since, you would have made a lot of money so long as you were not so greedy. Verdict: Power of Money 2, Law Enforcement 0.

So now, with a $3 million dollar bail, Michael Jackson is out and about in Las Vegas. That is a lot of money for bail. But, it is just another methodology in which money is used in society. It will be interesting to see if the District Attorney Tom Sneddon is able to get Michael Jackson. If he can not, he's just another incompetent in civil service.

Run, Michael, run! They are after your black hide. Wait, you no longer have a hide. You have a synthetic WHITE fabric stretched out over you. Hmm, yet another instance of money being used to change appearances.

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