Sunday, November 16, 2003

Going Home to a Landscape

Tonight was a reading for the anthology at Bindlestiff Theatre in the heart of the Mission district. Ahh, yes, the Mission, where men wounded from life's wars go to disappear and hide. Bindlestiff is located in one of the seedier areas of San Francisco. Amidst the drunks sleeping/delaying the inevitable hangover, amidst the crack-induced delusions, amidst the Pin@ys walking to and from work, Bindlestiff stands as one of the few Filipino theatre centers in the US.

The studio will move at the end of the year across the street. To complete that move, they will need $11,000. If you can. please give till it hurts. A year later, more likely several years later what with the way construction of buildings go, Bindlestiff will move into a new theatre. For that, they will need $1.5 million. You should give some money because Bindlestiff is one of the few venues which feature Pin@y artists. It is the place where I saw Pin@ys in theatre for the first time.

The current chairperson of the Bindlestiff collective is Olivia Malabuyo, poetess, actress, videographer, artist, all-around great person. Her vision and dedication has focused the group for the move. It is mind-boggling to think what they will have to accomplish in the next year or so. You can help make it happen with donations.

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