Tuesday, November 25, 2003

tests, tests and more tests

I simply am confused as to how Sunny is only 15.8% geek. I know that he programs in several computer languages. I know he definitely makes his own webpages. (By the way, mine will soon be up.) He's probably solved a Rubik's cube because he's Pin@y.

He's gotta be a fan of Star Trek (Trekkie). All FIVE series! All SEVEN movies! He must have seen them ALL! Multiple times! He must own the DVD and VHS of the Star Trek series! Like ME! I think he cut out in the middle of the test. Or else, he's not even trying. I bet you that a student probably knocked on the door for office hours.

We'll see what he gets in the Ultimate Personality Test. Hehehe. Shh, he's supposed to be grading papers right now. I'm just distracting him a little bit.

There is a certain charm however to taking these quizzes. It reveals a little bit of ourselves. For example, that personality test is probably more accurate than I would prefer. Moi? An exhibitionist? Perhaps an avenging angel. But definitely not an exhibitionist angel. Just because I dream of standing in front of a podium and giving a political speech does not mean that I am an exhibitionist. Sure, I love the limelight, but only when it's front of thousands of people. With respect to that political stuff, yes, I am trying to convince my friend to run for city council, congress, and the US Senate. How cool would that be? Hi Elaine!!!

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