Saturday, November 15, 2003

Pilipino Cultural Night

I have been researching PCN because I have to prepare for a lecture on it. While surfing the internet, I found Hitting Critical Mass which is a journal devoted to analysis of Asian-American culture.

One view on PCN has been raised by Theo Gonzalves.

Although the intent of the show varies according to the organizing group (perhaps to demonstrate the cultural significance of the Filipino in America) the effects of the shows leave viewers with a static notion of "culture." In this sense, the political aspects of subversion, defiant cultural assertion, and a vibrant re-articulation of the racial order are left behind, in favor of increased technical mastery of performance and concomitant symptoms of spectacle and extravagance a 16 Cecil B. DeMille

I have to further digest the paper to make a comment on it.

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