Monday, November 10, 2003

My future father-in-law will be celebrating his 60th birthday this Friday. As part of the surprise, we had to find a photograph that can be scanned and placed as an edible decorative layer for the cake. The SO and I spent thirty minutes looking for a suitable photograph. It was like traveling through time and space – 1950's college years of the SO's mother, late 1960's wedding nuptials of the SO's parents in Pangasinan, 1970's in California with young children, 1980's with teen-aged children, and 1990's with children graduating from college.

The photo that was eventually chosen featured the SO's father when he was thirty years old. Mr. B is wearing a red shirt with black pants. He has a look of courage in his face. He is confident about his future, yet he has some worries. He has one child. How many more will there be? How long before he can buy his own house? How long before he can be certain of the future?

Thirty years later, Mr B has three accomplished children who can take care of themselves. He has found his peace in this world.

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