Saturday, November 29, 2003

Jumps, Starts and AAA

Last night, a cousin of the SO was stranded because of a dead battery. Since she is trying to develop a mature relationship with her parents, we have been coaching her on the art of communicating with the parents. Dead batteries is one of those topics which can set back the creation of mature relationships.

We pointed out to her that it was important to check to make sure that the lights in the car had not been left on. Check! How about the radio. Is it off? Check! And the lights in the inside of the car. Off! This makes sure that the dead battery was not her fault. And by the way, Northern California has been experiencing such cold weather that it is most likely a problem with the battery itself.

We tried to jumpstart the car to no success. We had to call AAA for a jumpstart. I recommend to everyone to obtain a membership to AAA if you own and drive your car. They have a battery service that services your car during daytime hours.

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