Saturday, November 08, 2003

Just saw the Matrix Revolutions. It's a good movie, but I'm a tad bit disappointed.

I think that the first and second movies were so good in presenting problems that the producers/writers/directors had a difficult time closing off the questions that were raised in the earlier movies.

Here are some examples of thought lines:

1. How was Agent Smith created after Neo destroyed him?

2. What is the meaning of restarting Zion? If Neo had not come back to rescue Trinity, how does he restart civilization?

3. Where in the world will all those humans who want to get out go?

4. How can two programs create a third program? Sita reference.

5. How long will the peace last? Knowing that there are humans plugged in, how long before the humans try to free the others?

6. How come Bain was not tied down? Considering he was a suspect, why not put him in a brig? Why did the machines let Bain live? They killed everyone else. What's up with that?

I thought that a better resolution is that Neo should have figured out how to destroy machines in the real world through his thought. Then, he teaches everyone how to do it. But I suppose, then Neo would not be the only ONE.

I'll probably stick to Movies One and Two. I heard though that they will have a massively multi-player online game that will show the continuation of the Matrix. Perhaps I'll see you there.

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