Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Sophie, oh Sophie, where are thou?

Am I the only one wondering where the wonderful feline has gone? Did the corpse end up having Sophie for merienda or better yet for pulutan? One can simply imagine said corpse licking her wings after a delectable bite of pulutan followed by a case of San Miguel dark beer. (Which reminds me, now that I have killed enough taste buds perhaps it is time to taste San Miguel Negra.)

There used to be a black cat who just loved to go into my apartment and other apartments in the complex. She just loved attention. She purred and rubbed herself all over the denizens of said complex. Whenever I opened the door, she would come down from the second floor and happily meow to come in. While most other cats are snobs, this one was starved for attention.

Which now makes me think of cat adobo. Why do Pin@ys eat dogs and not eat cats? For the life of me, one would think that they would also eat cats. Is this just discrimination? Hmm, I better ask the corpse.

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