Thursday, January 15, 2004

Another racist ad. This time for penis enlargement

Yes, as they say, there is no more racism in America. So how come people keep seeing racism in television ads? Or is that just some figment of the imagination?

[Flips] ENZYTE t.v. ad


Hi Everyone:

Last night, I caught the latest spot for that new viagra rival/male
penis enlarger called ENZYTE during the sports highlights intermission on ESPN2. The ad that ran was really quick, lasting no more than 20
seconds, tops. It took me & my girlfriend awhile to gather what we'd just
seen, because neither of could believe how obviously sexist & racist the
ad was. If you click onto the Enzyte home page, you'll read the
following neutral (washed) description of the ad, called 'Big Deal':

"'Big Deal,” set in a Japanese restaurant, is the first in the
series to run completely without dialog and shows off Smiling Bob’s skill as a negotiator without saying a
word." - from http://www.l

The following is how/what one REALLY makes of the ad:

"The commercial involved a restaurant business negotiation with a white
man sitting at one end of a table, and five Japanese business men
sitting at the other end. The white man had a large, tall bottle of sake,
while the Japanese business men had small cups of sake. The Japanese men are trying to negotiate with the white man, and they keep offering more and more while the white man sits there with an obnoxious smile, saying nothing. The Japanese men comment on how "firm" his negotiating skills are, and how "stiff" the competition is. One of the Japanese men looks at the white man from under the table with a surprised look. Finally the Japanese men cave in to offering way more than what they initially offered. At the end of the commercial a geisha-like Japanese hostess looks at the white guy with a surprised and pleased look." - from, Dec 28, 2003 entry

I don't think much more can be added to this description beyond that I
urge you to see the spot for yourselves to believe it. It's so awful &
horrendous, & really shouldn't get anymore airtime than it's already

Big sigh....

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