Friday, January 09, 2004

Natural Selection Walks Around

Thank God for video cameras. Now, all the stupid people out there are trying to get on the television for their fifteen minutes of fame.

The most famous of these was jackass from mtv. After that show, the floodgates were opened. I still remember the first show in which they tried to determine if personal protection devices really had any effect. They tried out those electrical shock devices and I was just falling out of my chair laughing. Then, they tried to determine if pepper spray really can incapacitate someone. Again, laughs galore when you watch them try to describe the experience.

In the latest incarnation of natural selection walking, totally outrageous shows three guys riding a sofa down a steep hill with the tires attached to the sofa. However, there was no steering or brakes. What would drive three teen-agers to do this without any brakes, I don't know. The videos show them riding halfway down and then the sofa hits a small pole which tosses them forward true to the laws of nature and inertia. My, that was a beautiful sight to behold. Three bodies flying through the air, one body doing a rotation from head to foot. Sadly, Uncle Natural Selection was not around to claim the kids. They will someday have an opportunity to reproduce.

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