Saturday, January 10, 2004

Kris Aquino and Morning Girls

God, I am blessed. I don't have the TFC channel, but in KTSF San Francisco, they show the Morning Girls. And there she is in all of her glory, Kris Aquino. I don't why I am so attracted to her. It's not like my attraction to Pops Fernandez which is true love. My attraction to Kris Aquino is like waiting to watch two armies fight each other in the medieval ages. No hiding, no sneak attacks. You charge, I charge. Or, it's like watching some innocents go hurtling down a wagon without brakes. (Now, I have seen everything. Kris just played with a hula-hoop!)

Right now, they are interviewing couples and their relationship? Will Kris mention Joey and how she publicly castrated his political career? What self-respecting Pin@y would vote for a guy who f*cks around? Wait, let me rephrase this question. Who will vote for a guy who got castrated in public by a woman?

Now, she is asking two transgenders (chromosomally XY) about the state of their relationship. Look at her curiosity. It's like a kid in a candy store. It's so infectious. Kris takes the lives of these people and makes a public display out of it. And I certainly don't know if she is holding them to ridicule or if she is doing it so that others can accept them. Kris is non-committal in her questions. She gives them the opportunity to explain themselves, but at the same time, she shows herself recoiling from the scene that she just created. Correction! Apparently, one of the couple is gay and he is married(?) to a woman who just happens to look like a man. I think that the make-up artist kinda fucked up their make up to hold them to ridicule. The other couples have decent make-up but these two don't.

Ooops, new commercial for a lawyer that specializes in immigration. At the very least, he doesn't mangle Tagalog like other commercials that have been parodied by Rex Navarette. I believe that's the commercial where a Caucasian mangles "Maraming Salamat Po."

Back to the show. It seems that Kris is trying to find the secret of a loveless marriage. Or is it a marriage full of love? I wonder what Kris is paying for in her life? Why does she have to become a parody? Is it because of what her father did? Ninoy became a martyr. That can't be it. Maybe, Kris is making her move to follow her mother's footsteps and become the president of the Philippines.

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