Monday, January 12, 2004

To dream the impossible dream

This was forwarded through a mail list. I found it extremely entertaining. I hope that you as a Pin@y voter will too.

Courtesy of Nestor Mata's column in Malaya:

"The Impossible Dream" has inspired the suddenly revived "Los
Enemigos," a
group of anonymous satirists in the time of martial law, to compose the
following lyrics for "Election 2004", sung to the tune of that song
from "Man from La

Sing to the rune of The Impossible Dream from the musical Don Quixote:

"To build the impossible team/
To fight the unbeatable Poe/
To bear the unbearable Roco/
To go where Lacson dare not go/
To right the unrightable Mike/
To grant whatever Danding wants/
To cry when your eyes are too weary/
To reach the unreachable Toh/

"This is my quest to follow that Bush/
No matter how reckless, no matter how mad/
To champion his cause/
without question or pause/
To be willing to march into hell because Jesus is Lord/
And I know what Ramos also knows of this powerful pest/
That my heart won't lie peaceful and calm when I'm led to my test/

"And the land will be poorer for this,/
That Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will try/
with the help of de Castro/
to stop with her last ounce of courage/
the unstoppable Poe!"


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