Wednesday, January 14, 2004

death sentence

Leny mentions that the Philippines now has a lethal injection chamber for criminals given the final kiss of life. Leny asks, "How can they be so nonchalant?"

My opinion is that Pin@ys are in such a bad condition that by seeing someone else worse off than they are, they can let go of their suffering. Perhaps, it's like the reliving of Christ. When someone dies from a lethal injection, the sins of the Philippines is given a reprieve. Of course, with the sins being committed by all the presidentiables, the Philippines will have to give the final kiss of life to a person per month.

In some ways, I tend to think that many Pilipinos think in very simple ways. I know because I used to think this way. There are no grays. It's white or black. You sinned? You should be punished. Whack! This is probably one reason why Pilipinos can be manipulated so well. The ultimate way that Marcos used to control them was through fear. Since death is final, many of the Pilipinos just went along even though others protested. It was only when the Pilipinos realized that being dead was better than being alive under Marcos could they finally overthrow a dictator.

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