Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Australia & Africa

Continuing the coverage of the lives of OFW, we feature two Pinays living in different continents. KiwiPinay shows her life and drama in the continent of Australia. But imagine, she sends some padala to the Philippines. But, the person she trusts ends up betraying her by taking some of the padala and replacing it with old tsinelas. Sad that some Pinoys can be cheaters and bastards. Pondahan has beautiful Tagalog writing at it's best.

Jade is a Pin@y living in the Horn of Africa. If you are interested about the going ons in Africa, go to her site. She discusses the lives of volunteers and the role of clans in Somaliland. Pondahan and A Taste of Africa are the Pin@y Blogs of the Day for the 14th of January 2004.

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