Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Burping is one of the normal functions of the body to release gas. It is also one of the activities which my niece finds hilarious. Just say burp and she will laugh like a mad man. Well, giggle is more like it. My sister says that instead of practicing her ABC's, the little old niece practices burping. She stands in the middle of the room, drinks water and burps. Maybe I should tell her that soda pop is better. I never did burp too well with beer. I always got dizzy so I won't tell her to go to beer till she's way over 30.

We were finishing lunch and she was eating along with us. Out of nowhere, I just said BURP and she giggled like I was the funniest comedian in the world, which I am. How a child understands the word Burp and does not want to say Uncle is beyond me. But then again, my niece is a very different child. She will showoff to my fiancee by brushing her own teeth and climbing into her stool during lunch. All this to show off to her auntie. Bizarre. I was always a shy kid. I never wanted to meet people.

Can you believe that statement? Me. Shy. Then why am I showing off my whole life for the world to see? Because there are stories to be told of immigrants making a life in the United States. Because the US does not run on Caucasian power alone. Because the world needs opinions of small people.

Burp. I'm losing the burping power. I better get some soda pop.

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