Monday, January 05, 2004

SCFer of the Year

Sylvia Knorr who is from Germany is the SCFer of the year in the social.culture.filipino newsgroup. On one hand, I would have probably also voted for her because she has contributed the most to the newsgroup. However, it is extremely ironic that a German is the scfer of the year. It bespeaks of how much Filipinos have to go. Given a forum in which they can discuss the culture and politics of the Philippines, what do a majority of them do? They do nothing. They let someone else do the hard work.

I left SCF around 1998 and I sporadically post in the forum. At the time that I left, certain Pinoy posters had to spread their particular brand of humor in the newsgroup. Years later, scf is a wasteland. There are some who post there who can think critically. But most everyone else has abandoned the newsgroup.

If there is one bright spot, Sylvia is a woman and is German. It would have been better though if the SCFer of the year was a Pin@y.

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