Monday, January 05, 2004

Call for Submissions: maganda magazine: issue 17


MONDAY, JANUARY 19th, 2004

Maganda is a student-run academic publication inviting provocative poetry/fiction/artwork/audio/visuals that inflame critical thought and dynamism of Pilipino and Pilipino-American experiences.

We welcome diverse materials that explode off the page and move our readers to interpret and challenge the contemporary world of today. We seek submissions for issue seventeen that imaginatively explore the theme, Renaissance?

Please submit to:


Maganda Magazine
University of California, Berkeley
10 Eshleman Hall
Berkeley, Ca 94720

Please include:
* Contact Information (Name, address, phone email).
* Brief Biography (no more than 150 words).
* Cover Letter

If you are submitting a…
* Literary piece: please send 3 hard copies or an attachment (text only format)
* Visual: please send slides or prints
* Audio: please send work in mp3 format

If you are sending visuals by email: please be sure to have visuals in jpeg format, at screen resolution (72 dpi, at a size large enough to get the full concept across). PLEASE DO NOT zip or compress files beyond saving them as jpegs.

Prints and Slides should be duplicates (please do not send your original copy), regular 4x6 prints or color copies.

Large artwork should be documented and submitted as slides or emailed as jpegs.

Video should be sent in a VHS tape (US format please) with a synopsis.

If your submission is chosen, we will contact you for a higher resolution image. PLEASE include contact information with your submission.*

*If you would like to submit anything anonymously, please put an asterisk (*) after your name in your contact information.
||m||aganda magazine

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